Spin spin spin!! We’ve all heard the spin of the famous fidget spinner. I’m going to be completely honest, at first I thought they were stupid and was glad my kids weren’t old enough to know the benefits of fidget spinners. Boy I was wrong.

7 benefits of fidget spinners for moms

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As most fads do, they come and go. I thought I was immune from the fidget spinner fad because my kids aren’t in school and don’t really have any friends who have any. But grandma and grandpa came to the rescue this time and bought my kiddos the infamous fidget spinners. After having them in my house for a few weeks I’ve decided they are actually awesome! In fact, they provide a few great benefits for me!

7 Benefits of Fidget Spinners for Mom!

  1. Get them to eat more

    Believe it or not, I’ve used fidget spinners to get my kiddos to eat more! My kids are very good at NOT wanting to eat. It’s not that they don’t want to eat just the healthy stuff, they just aren’t big eaters in general.

    With that, I’ve had to find creative ways to continue the battle of “just 2 more bites”. Lately, we’ve been using the benefit of the fidget spinner! My son will spin his as fast as he can, and see how many bites he can take before it runs out. That has been such a fun game for him! But it also gets him to eat more! #momwin

  2. Sharing is Caring

    Not sure about you, but the number one thing I say all day long is “be nice” “just be nice” “be kind to your sister” “please be nice”!!! I swear I’m a broken record!

    One major benefit of fidget spinners has been the lesson of learning to share! Of course they all want to play with them (even if they have one in their hand, they want the other color that sister has in her hand). It’s been an awesome way to encourage sharing! If kiddos don’t share, mom takes it away. They’ve learned really quick.

  3. Privilege

    I’m not a mom who has tons and tons of rules. I’m the type of parent that chooses her battles. It’s less exhausting for me, and more respectful for the kids. I set boundaries when I feel it is really important and let the rest go. Because of that, my kids have learned the boundaries of what a privilege is. If it’s that important that mom is talking about it, then we best listen!

    I’ve used the fidget spinners as a privilege. This has come in to play on many different situations; they aren’t just toys that lay around when the kiddos get bored with them.

  4. Aero-what?

    You know those kids on Ellen? The ones that are really smart. I’ve been really motivated by those kiddos; I now try and take any and every opportunity to teach my kids something. Even if I think they are too young for it.

    My son and I have chatted about how the fidget spinner is made, the science behind how it works, what aerodynamic means, plastic vs metal, circles vs squares vs triangles, counting, etc.

    This might seem silly on the face of it, but the benefit has been the creation of opportunities to teach!

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  5. Homework Help

    I don’t have kids old enough for homework but I’ve seen and heard really great reviews for fidget spinners helping with homework. My sister uses it for a timer for her boys when they do their math homework. Others, use it for the benefit of the original idea behind it – to allow the hyper brain to focus on tasks.

  6. Distraction

    Now this is one of my favorite benefits of fidget spinners. Like I said above, our fidget spinners aren’t just toys they use anytime and leave it on the floor of the room when they’re done. They are privileges. With that in mind, I have used them as a benefit in many situations when I needed them to be distracted.

    To name a few: in the morning after they wake up and I’m not ready to wake up, in church, when I’m waiting in the doctor’s office and even at the grocery store. It’s not expected that they play with them, but if needed I take the fidget spinners out as a fantastic and very excited distraction! #booyah! #screenfreedistraction

  7. Entertainment

    Of course the most obvious benefit of fidget spinners for mom are the entertainment they provide! My two kids and their cousins get together and can play for a long time with their fidget spinner! They come up with creative games to use with them (like shape shifter, magic bean, racing, beat the fidget spinner, and more)!

    The greatest part? Is the price put together with the amount of benefits makes for an awesome toy, gift and “mom tool” to keep around! I’m definitely a fidget spinner fan and will support them all the way!

Grab your own fidget spinner here for your kiddos so you too can receive all the surprising benefits!

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