Hi there! For those just joining the Learn to Serge Series party, feel free to browse the homepage. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson so it’s worth it to take a minute and review the previous tips and tricks!

Since the serger (also known as an overlock machine) produces such a professional look, it is common to use a serger on clothes and finished hems. We have learned how to serge straight lines, serge with multiple layers, serge circles and now we get to learn the secret to serging corners!!


the SECRET to serging corners as easy as straight lines!!! Use this one tip and serging inward and normal corners will never be hard again!!

There are two types of corners – what I would call inward corner and a normal corner.

There is a secret to serging inward and normal corners!! Read more HERE to serge corners as easy as straight lines!!


Serging Corners: so… wanna know the secret?


SCISSORS!!!! Use these to make serging corners as easy as serging straight lines!!!

Scissors? How do scissors make serging corners easier?

Let me tell you. When serging inward corners, if you cut a small slit right in the corner (about 1/8″) it releases the pressure in the fabric. That allows you to pull the fabric into a straight line while you are serging.

Before serging an inward corner, cut a slice in the corner so you can serge like a straight line!!! SO AWESOME!


So… Serging Inward Corners:

  • Slice the corner of the inward corner like the image above
  • Put the straight edge of your fabric in the serger like normal (read more how to do that here)
  • Serge until you approach to the inward corner. As you approach the inward corner, pull the fabric so it lays in a straight line (since you cut the corner your fabric will let you do this)
  • Continue serging like a straight line!! Make sure your fabric is in deep enough to reach both needles
  • Woohoo! How easy was that! 😀

What about Serging Normal Corners?

  • Even more easy! Serge them like you would a straight line. Start at one raw edge and continue all the way off the other raw edge
  • If you have to start or stop in the middle of the fabric (say to leave a whole when turning the project inside out… like if you were serging the corners of a blanket with fabric right sides together), you can read how to do that here



Yup, you guessed it! Practice!! Follow the tutorial to make a custom diaper changing pad cover here. If you don’t have babies, this can be used for a super cute baby gift!!


SUPER CUTE! Make your very own CUSTOM DIY Diaper Changing Pad Cover!!


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