Lately you’ve heard me talk a lot about implementing habits of health. But what does that mean? Today let’s break down habits of health for moms!

13 habits of health for moms. Healthy living is a frame of mind. Add these new healthy habits to be happier, healthier and more confident!

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Let’s be honest. Children change things. Including our healthy habits from when we were 20. Life gets a little more complicated with kids. But the good news is healthy habits for moms don’t have to be.

It’s really quite simple.

But first, let me start by explaining why moms need healthy habits anyway.

What is the purpose of  establishing Healthy Habits?

Healthy living is more than just eating salad. It’s a frame of mind.

Healthy living is more than eating salads. #Healthyliving is a frame of mind. Click To Tweet

Sometimes these healthy habits aren’t natural to us, or we have created other habits instead. That’s where we have to change our frame of mind, shift it, to refocus on healthy habits.

Healthy habits are more about happiness, longevity, energy, confidence, making the most out of life, and NOT about weight loss, dieting, restrictions or cutting calories. 

I bolded that because I wanted you to really understand that we aren’t creating habits of health to lose weight. I’m not trying to get every mom out there on a diet. Diets suck. They ruin our mentality and our bodies.

I am trying to spread awareness about healthy living. That encompasses a healthy mind, a healthy body, a healthy family & even healthy finances! Healthy living is making choices that are good for you and your future you.

healthy living is a frame of mind! 13 amazing habits of health for moms!!! Be happy, more energetic and more confident with these healthy habits for mommy!!

Now that we have that covered, we can talk about motherhood. Healthy living can be achieved by creating habits of health.

13 Habits of Health for Moms


A calm, confident mentality is a habit of health. When you can be mentally strong you can control any situation around you. Calm confidence radiates your presence and transfers to your hubby & your kids.

Confidence empowers you to make decisions, feel comfortable in your skin and have comfort knowing things will work out.

The calm essence brings peace into your home. It allows you to feel secure with yourself. It actually holds more power than the confidence.

Together being calm and confident will provide a healthy mentality which in turn creates a healthy lifestyle.


At our house when the boy use to call our snack time “nack time”! We love it and now just say it all the time.

Snack time is important to keeping your metabolism continually fueled. This maintains your blood sugar and reduces your sugar cravings.

Snacks should be small in between meals that load your body with nutrients and keep that fire within continually burning!


Wiggles aren’t just a tv show. Wiggles can be a great tool for mommies to practice healthy living.

Wiggle time looks like jumping on the tramp, a dance party, popping bubbles, wrestling, interactive singing time, going for walks, or games like leap frog! Whatever wiggle time looks like for your family, just make sure to do it together.

Your children gain so much from when you are active with them.

And bonus, it gets you moving too.


It’s true. Water is a vital part to any healthy routine. Moms everywhere should be carrying around their favorite water bottle everywhere. This is by far my favorite water bottle.

Your body NEEDS water to regenerate & rebuild itself.

Since your metabolism plays part in taking what you eat and drink in to rebuild your body {which meals your bones, cells, muscles, blood….} you absolutely must fuel it with water.

Drinking water is so important! Water rebuilds your body, flushes out waste and fat! Drinking water is one of the 13 habits of health for moms!

Another crazy fact is that if you are dehydrated {which accounts for 75% of Americans} your body retains the little water it does get making you puffy and bloated.

Ew. Nobody likes that.

Drink water! Drink half of your weight in ounces. It flushes out toxins, waste and fat.


One of the most important habits of health for any mom is to put priority in the kitchen. It is so important to make meals from scratch. I will be the first in line to say I am a terrible cook, it’s not for lack of trying, but I definitely am no chef.

Good cook or not, making homemade meals with REAL ingredients is a habit that all families need to implement. As you learn more about what foods are better for you than others then you can gradually transition to those ingredients. Until then, just work on cooking everything. {example: making pancake mix from scratch… yes, like from flour and sugar; not from a box}.

And the cupcakes part…

make time & cupcakes! these are apart of Happy Mama Tale's 13 habits of health for moms! This is such a fun post. I read it and was surprised by how much I learned about living a healthy lifestyle!

Yeah I know you saw that in the title there. 😉 If you decide you would like a treat, a snack, a sweet of some kind: Then make it.

Healthy living doesn’t mean abstaining from treats of all kind; it means choosing wisely when and how to you eat treats. Treats in moderation aren’t bad for your body. Your healthy metabolism was built to occasionally break those down, and the pleasure sensors in our brain really benefit from occasional sweets. So it’s okay. But when you do have them, make them from scratch. Don’t waste your liver’s time or energy having to break down pre-packaged junk that is filled with chemicals, dyes and other crappy foods.

This is a fantastic healthy recipe book. I use it for 75% of my meals.


Nap time and bed time. Both are important priorities to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some of my favorite benefits of sleep that lead to lead a healthy lifestyle!

Benefits of Sleep - more than just feeling rested. It's important {especially for mommy} to find a good routine of sleep. 13 Habbits of Health for moms!


Another unique way to create healthy living habits is to exercise your mind. Mothers need to have a strong mind.


Cleaning makes me happy. It relaxes me. It creates a peaceful environment. And it makes other people feel comfortable in our home.

When creating habits of health, you have to figure out a “hobby” or something that you can include in your life that relaxes you but that is productive. Self Care is different from being productive. I want you to create a healthy habit that is good for you & your home.

In a recent survey my readers suggested productive activities such as doing their budget, some like to DIY, others love to serge, some like to bake & only a few said that they like to clean like me. 🙂


I firmly believe that a “Happy Wife = Happy Life” but even greater, a “Happy Hubby = Lots of Lovey“.

Happy Wife equals Happy Life BUT.... Happy HUBBY equals LOTS OF LOVEY!!! We love happy hubbies!

A healthy habit for ALL MOMS EVERYWHERE is to put more energy into her husband.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard an old lady say, “boy I wish I would have spent less time with my husband and more time with my kids.” I pretty sure it’s always the other way around.

Taking care of children is engrained in us, it literally is apart of our nature. We put such high amounts of energy, time and worry into our children that sometimes our husbands fall by the wayside.

That is not a habit of health for any mom.

Today we are going to refocus on putting more energy into our hubby, speak his love language, and make sure he feels loved. I can guarantee the reciprocation is a beauty.


Okay maybe not bubble baths specifically. But take some time for self care.

A healthy mom {mentally, emotionally, physically & spiritually} is a good mom.

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Regular exercise is important, but I would dare say make one of your weekly workouts something that is INCREDIBLY difficult.

Challenge yourself. Push the limits. Go farther, harder or longer than you ever have.

You will feel amazing, accomplished & confident.


I am a firm believer that in order to be healthy and truly happy, you must have a relationship with God.

One of the single most important ways that I grow my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father is by praying. Sometimes I forget my morning prayer, sometimes my night prayer is a little too “verbatim”, but I really connect with Him when I’m in my car.

I first started praying in my car when I was a teenager. I’d turn off the music and just talk out loud. It quickly turned into some of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had.

A healthy spiritual relationship with Heavenly Father is definitely a healthy, peaceful, calm & confident mom!


Oh where do I even begin?

Diets are so bad for you. So so so bad for you. ESPECIALLY when you do them alone, unsupervised, without training or accountability, or education or support.

{I know what you’re thinking…. I have support and I’m not dumb. Or you’re thinking, but diets have worked for me in the past….}

Yes, diets do work for losing weight in a temporary sense of the word.

Without going on a long rant, here is a summary: diets make your body confused and they break your metabolism. So just don’t do them. Ever.

So . . . now that we have talked about some of the best habits of health for moms I want to share just one other thought. . .

A note about Habits . . .

It has been proven in multiple studies that creating new habits are far more effective than breaking old ones.

With that in mind, I want you to think of these habits of health as new & exciting lifestyle changes that can be implemented in your daily life. We are not going to restrict your mind by saying “never eat sugar again, stop eating carbs, take the stairs every time… blah blah blah.” Those are a negative way at looking at healthy living.

That is not what we want.

So, start by adding healthy choices then the bad ones will slowly fall to the wayside.

be happy be healthy - 13 health habits for mom. This is seriously the best guide for healthy living for moms. I loved reading all of these creative ideas of how to be healthier as a mother!

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