One of my favorite things to look at on Pinterest is kitchen before and after photos! If anything really, it’s just so fun to see the transformation! Today I want to share before and after pictures of my Ikea Kitchen remodel! I think you’ll really enjoy the dramatic difference it made!

Ikea Kitchen Remodel _before and after transformation

I’m not sure about you, but for me I always have another fun idea of how to remodel/remake my home! I constantly see a corner or wall or room that I want to remodel and transform. It never happens as fast as I’d like so please be patience with these pictures, I still have lots that I’d like to add to my new Ikea Kitchen remodel, but for now it’s my favorite place of my house!

If you haven’t read my review of the Ikea Kitchen Cabinets, you need to see that one too! I break down all the pros and cons of remodeling your kitchen using Ikea products.

When we first moved into the house, I had the idea that I would just paint all of the cabinets. I thought that would be a fantastic way to get a fresh look but not break the bank. My husband however, did not want to keep the bottom half of the cabinets. He said they were too old and had to go. Then we ran into a problem because I didn’t want the bottom half new cabinets and the top cabinets old. Picky I know, but so we decided on just getting all new cabinets.

Price of my Ikea Kitchen Remodel:

I did a TON of research on different brands of cabinets. We had multiple people/companies come in and quote what it would be to replace the kitchen cabinets. Each quote was $4,900 or more. I bought my Ikea kitchen cabinets for $3794.24 (That doesn’t include countertops, sink or appliances).

We did not pay to have them deliver the cabinets or put them together. My husband and I borrowed my dad’s truck and trailer to bring them home (that saved us about $100}, and we knew we could put the kitchen together with a few days of hard work (you can have them come and install it, but doing it ourself saved about $1200). Turns out we were right, and I wouldn’t change it otherwise.

Here is what my kitchen looked like before the remodel:

Advice from start to finish for an Ikea Kitchen Remodel with before and after photos

Check out these amazing Ikea Kitchen Before & After Photos! The transformation is amazing!

Before Photos of Ikea Kitchen Remodel with Before and After Photos

Tips and Tricks for remodeling your kitchen using Ikea cabinets

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Remodel before and after transformation with advice on how to put them together

As you can see, we actually added a whole new set of cabinets on the far wall where they weren’t originally. It did that so I could add extra storage space. My kitchen is super small and the pantry is even smaller. So I knew I needed to maximize as much space as I could (which is one of the HUGE benefits of using Ikea cabinets).

Here are the after photos:

Advice on putting an ikea kitchen together

Putting Ikea Kitchen cabinets together for an awesome kitchen remodel

Tips for an Ikea Kitchen Remodel with Before and After Photos

A few tips for remodeling your kitchen using Ikea products:

When you buy an Ikea Kitchen they don’t give you instructions. They will give you the book for each cabinet box and how to put that particular box/cabinet together, but they don’t give you advice when putting an entire kitchen together. A flaw in my opinion but that’s why I’m sharing a few tips for putting your kitchen together.

  • Pay for the Ikea Kitchen Planner person to come. It is worth every penny. If you don’t know what that is, it’s where they have someone come out and measure your kitchen and map out exactly which product goes where. It’s worth every penny. We had to pay $250 for the planner to come out to our house, but then they allow you to put that amount towards the cost of the cabinets, so it is worth every penny! (did I mention that?)
  • Have at least two people.  I say that because while I put the cabinets together, my husband leveled them and bolted them in. It would’ve taken WAY longer if it was just one person. Not fun.
  • Have your whole kitchen taken apart/out before you begin. It takes a lot of space to put each cabinet together, so make sure you have cleared as much out as possible.
  • You’re going to need extra tools to put the island together. I love my Ikea Kitchen cabinets, but the island is a major problem and a huge bummer to put together. Ikea needs to figure out a better solution to this. You can find the list of additional tools you’ll need here.
  • Send the kiddos to your moms, rent a few videos, and be okay with take out for a few meals. It is best to start early in the day and work work work work to get it all done in one day. The reason is because you get in a groove and it’s hard to keep coming back. If you can set it all together in the shortest amount of time, you’ll be more efficient and less messy.
  • Take 10 minutes and organize each cabinet box with all the pieces you will need for each box (boxes, hardware, door for cabinet, and shelves if necessary). It will save time and lots of confusion as you’re putting everything together. As I organized each box I wrote on the boxes which cabinet that was (i.e. “top left wall cabinet”, “top corner”, “bottom corner”, “top above microwave”, “top above fridge”, etc).organize each ikea box for a smooth ikea kitchen remodel
    organize each ikea box for a smooth ikea kitchen remodel
  • Spend a lot of time and detail on the metal piece. Ikea has a really cool tool that they give you that you bolt to the wall *first* to level each cabinet. It’s a long metal piece (you have to make sure you have a tool that will cut metal – we had to buy a miter saw) that you anchor to the wall (and as long as that piece is level, the cabinets will be level) because you just hook the cabinets onto that metal piece.
  • Start with the top shelves first. Particularly, the corner upper cabinet. You don’t want to put the bottom ones in first because then you’ll be reaching over them to put in the top ones. NOT SMART. Just trust me, don’t do it. Start with the top cabinets first.  (P.S. do you see the metal pieces on the wall?)Ikea Kitchen Remodel put top corner cabinet in first
  • Measure, and double measure the bottom cabinets to the floor. The toe kick that it comes with is only one size (4 1/2 inches tall). We weren’t careful with this measurement so our bottom cabinets are placed too high. The problem that creates is a gap between the toe kick and the cabinet. Super unattractive.
    The disadvantages of an Ikea Kitchen Remodel using Grey Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are the toe kicks. They are plastic and only one size.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my awesome Ikea Kitchen Remodel with before and after photos! I still have a few projects I want to add to the kitchen (like a white glass backsplash) but those will come in due time. As for now, the kitchen is my favorite part of my house.

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