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Through powerful personal experiences I have developed a deep passion for helping mothers across the world feel empowered to find true happiness. I teach what it means to truly be “healthy” and to live a wellbalanced life; one where you can find peace and pure joy in every aspect of life.

A happy future begins with education.

Happy Mama Tales is focused on bringing you the most accurate information in the following areas to help you find your true happiness. 

Happy Motherhood

Motherood is all about phases. Together we will journey through the most difficult and the greatest joys of each phase.

Happy Body

Your body has a natural ability to thrive. Give it the right (natural) tools to feel comfortable in your own skin with no negative side effects.

Happy self

True happiness begins deep within. We will nurture your spirituality, multiply your confidence, and establish inner peace.

Happy wife

Happy wife, happy life….but a happy hubby leads to lots of lovey. Learn how to cultivate your relationship for optimal happiness.

Happy Home

Your environment can have a strong influence on your happiness. Find all sorts of tutorials to improve the happiness in your home.

Happy crafts

A happy woman always has hobbies! Learn all about Sewing and How to Serge to optimize your DIY crafts.

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Learn to Serge

The Learn to Serge ebook has everything you will need to know about serging with an overlock machine! With 12 comprehensive lessons you will become the serging expert you’ve always wanted to be!

What is my purpose?

Happy Mamas need to take care of themselves too. Here are 8 things to help you identify your purpose in life so that you don’t waste the days ahead.

Reignite Your Metabolism

Happy Mamas are always busy and often put aside simple habits of health. Reignite your metabolism with this one simple change.

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