Hi there and welcome to my Learn to Serge Series! I created this comprehensive serging curriculum 4 years ago. I began with a vision where I wanted to teach everyone how to serge. The amount of positive response I’ve received from this Learn to Serge series has been overwhelmingly amazing. I am so glad for how it all started…

I began the Learn to Sew Series with Crazy Little Projects and it completely changed my life. Truly. I gained a better understanding of sewing which inspired me to pick up the serger (also known as an overlock machine). Once I had those down I was able to get a job as a professional seamstress. I want to add to the Learn to Sew Series and teach you how to serge once you understand the basics of sewing.

This Learn to Serge series will teach you everything you want to know about serging with an overlock machine and put it in an easy to read ebook. I have compiled all my research and my experience of trial and error. The serger is an easy machine to use that can provide a HUGE advantage to your DIY crafts! Here is a list of the lessons within the ebook. Make sure to scroll down and purchase your copy of the Learn to Serge ebook!


Meet your Serger: Understanding Serger Features

Tension Test: Perfecting your tension

Tips and Tricks: Keep these in mind while serging any project

Serger Dictionary: Understand the serger lingo

What Supplies you will need: A list of the basic supplies you’ll need


Learn to Serge Lessons:

Lesson #1: Learn to thread your serge

Lesson #2: Start and Stop, Unpick a serged stitch

Lesson #3: Serge a straight line, serge with multiple layers

Lesson #4: Serging Circles

Lesson #5: Serge with elastic, serge ruffles

Lesson #6: Serge Corners

Lesson #7: Maintaining your serger



I can’t wait to hear how YOU use your new serging skills. Once you’ve downloaded the ebook, make sure to send me an email with your personal serging story. Can’t wait for you to join the serging family!!  Add to Cart

Learn to Serge ebook series