I’ve been focusing a lot lately on how to repair your metabolism and I’m loving it! It has dramatically benefited my personal life, my hubby’s, extended families and not to mention some of my readers! {that’s you!} One reader reached out to me and asked, What is the best way for the modern mom to reignite her metabolism?

I loved it! I told her I’d write a whole post about it!

The best way for the modern mom to reignite her metabolism. Wow, that is so simple, I had no idea!

So before I dive into the goodies, I have to clarify,

what do we mean by modern mom?

Well it’s quite simple. In short – the mom of today’s world.

What does that look like?

The Modern Mom - passionate for life, health and her family. This seriously is the best article about how the modern mom can reignite her metabolism by one simple step. Time to get confident and lean with a healthy food fighting machine!!!! <3

This is Brooke from the Skinny Mom

A modern mom is a lady who is forced to be bold and dominate when her nature is to nurture. A modern mom is one who hustles about life with something always going on. She lives in a townhouse in the suburb. She lives in her dream house on a farm. She worries a lot, has incredibly high expectations for herself and for her children. She isn’t all that confident but tries to project that she has it all together. This modern mom doesn’t always eat the best, probably skips breakfast in the rush of the day, doesn’t get enough sleep due to a sick child or a “forgotten school project”, and doesn’t have an hour a day to devote to working out.

And I think a lot of us have our heads on straight enough to realize that we can’t be perfect and that we just need to try our best. But that’s when we think our best is doing everything; having a clean home, always being nice, our kids have to be on best behavior at all times or that means we have failed at parenting. We judge other moms way too much and don’t get ourselves enough credit.

We feel pressured to go back to work to advance in our career and accomplish something; yet we feel that the most important job is to stay at home with our littles. We must always look good, we must always have a home cooked meal, continue to have new activities for our kids, no screen time. . . blah blah blah. It’s whatever dumb expectation we have put upon ourself too be “good enough”.

The modern mom is hidden in all forms of that description, we are all so very different yet we can somehow all relate.

So I ask myself, what does this type of ‘modern mom’ lifestyle do to the metabolism?

For one, a healthy body is built upon 75% nutrition, 25% exercise. The food of today’s modern world consists of chemically added, artificially fake, preservatives galore, and food dyes up the wazoo.

Education about what food really is good for you is lacking, and connivence holds its weight in gold.

I’m not saying that all modern moms sit and eat donut holes and soda pop; but there is this thing of “let’s go get our drink of the day” group in my neighborhood between the ladies.

Another problem is … well I could sit and list a whole bunch of reasons why our metabolisms are broken in our modern society.

The modern mom has so much going on in life! Stress can really take a toll on her health. It's time to change all of that and turn the tables in her favor - change this one simple thing and the modern mom will feel more energy, be more confident & reignite her metabolism!

So what is the best way for the modern mom to reignite her metabolism?

Eat more.

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Yes, I would say the first step in repairing your metabolism is to eat more.

Learning exactly what type of food is good for you will come next. But you need to get your body out of “deprivation mode” first. When we skip meals or have nutrient devoid food, our bodies feel like we are being starved. It automatically goes into deprivation mode; it’s quite frankly a very beautiful normal reaction in effort to try to save ourself.

But that definitely doesn’t help our waistline.

  1. The first step to metabolic recovery is to eat at least 6 times a day.

  2. Eat within the first 30 minutes of waking up.

  3. Eat every 2 – 3 hours, even if you stay up for 20 hours in a day.

  4. Just keep eating.

Now that you can promise me that, go and read my ebook. It explains in great detail why our metabolisms are broken & the habits of health that will fix it.

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