I’ve shared that I remodeled my kitchen about 6 months ago and some of you have been asking for a review of my Ikea kitchen cabinets. I’m loving it but wanted to share all of my thoughts and opinions!

To read more details about the process of putting an Ikea Kitchen together (and to see amazing before and after photos) check out this article HERE!

This is an AWESOME Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Review! Lots of pros and cons with tips on what to do next time.

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Review of Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

I’ll start by saying I did a TON of research! My husband was not excited about purchasing an Ikea Kitchen so I had to do a lot of research to prove it was the best decision. Overall, I’m glad I won.

As any great review, you have to have a pro/con list. Here is the best parts about an ikea kitchen and the worst parts. I tried to share my opinion about each aspect of the kitchen so just scroll to which part you’re interested in.

Review for Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Pros & Cons Lis

Pros of an Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Let’s start with the positives!

  • Ikea Kitchen Personal Planner:  Yes, you definitely, definitely, need to have the personal planner come. There is no question about it. They will get exact measurements of your kitchen and match it to exact cabinets/shelves that you want. The online kitchen planner is difficult to navigate so it’s completely worth it for them to come and map it out for you. Also, they’ll be able to offer suggestions and tips that you didn’t realize you need. The best part of having the kitchen planner come is the money you use to schedule that will go directly to your kitchen cabinets. Totally worth it.
  • Customizable: Who doesn’t love having it exactly how they want? I mean, isn’t that the absolute best part? You can customize each and every cabinet exactly how you want. What I mean by that, is you can choose drawers, or doors, the amount of drawers, or even hidden drawers. You can choose hardware, color, soft close or not soft close, you can choose to have them open with glass doors or solid doors. You can have a lazy susan that pulls out or just spins. I mean the options are endless. I particularly went with as many deep drawers as I could so I could maximize the small space I had.
  • The Amazing Price: This was the icing on the cake. Being able to get what you want, have it look amazing but also have it be the best price option… gets you thinking, “wait, where’s the catch?“. But there isn’t one. Just good quality, good price.
  • Quality of the Cupboard: The number one concern my husband and I had when we first considered Ikea kitchen cabinets was the quality. “Isn’t it just particle board?” “Won’t they warp when they get wet?” “It won’t last, I want my investment to last.”  Good to know, they are actually AMAZING quality. Check out these articles that explain more: THIS ONE from The SpruceTHIS ONE From Modern Kitchen Pros, THIS ONE from House and Hammer, THIS ONE from The Kitchn.  Overall, this is what they’re saying.
    Ikea Kitchen Review - What is the Quality of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
  • Put It Together Yourself: This was quite a fun process. My hubby and I got to work one day and as I put the boxes together, he focused on getting everything level and bolted to the wall. This might sound silly, but once you are all done you feel very proud of yourself!! My husband and I love when people come over and we get to say, “we put our entire kitchen together!” Plus putting it together is actually quite easy, but make sure to check out these tips and tricks for putting the entire kitchen together.
  • Hidden Drawers! Did I mention I LOVE the drawers?? Yes, I LOVE the drawers! I got three of the largest drawers and I put hidden drawers in each one of them. Not only does this add extra space but it looks cleaner to me. I love love love this part.
    Ikea Kitchen Grey Cabinets, Review of ikea hidden drawers and ikea deep drawers
  • Leveler: When we told people we were putting together our own kitchen everyone said, “make sure you get it level, it won’t good unless it’s level”. Good thing IKEA gives you a medal piece that you level first. Once that is on the wall completely level you simply hook the cabinet boxes onto it. Super super convenient and guarantees for straight cabinets! (see the medal piece in the picture below?)
    Ikea Kitchen Remodel put top corner cabinet in first
  • Hardware: The hardware is fantastic quality. I’m not necessarily talking about the outside handles (although they have tons of options and I love the ones I got), but the inside of the drawers/boxes. That hardware is great quality. Makes me feel better about the whole “quality” thing.
  • Deep Drawers: I know I mentioned this before, but it was worth specifically saying. The deep drawers are amazing. I can store all my large kitchen appliances in them which allows for a cleaner kitchen countertop – super important to me. And with the ease of a drawer, I can quickly pull them right back out. And the deep drawers are heavy duty – they can hold a ton of weight.
    Pros of using Ikea Kitchen cabinets are the deep drawers! These are made of medal, great quality, hold a ton of stuff and look beautiful!!
    Huge benefits for remodeling your kitchen with Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are the deep drawers. They hold all my large kitchen appliances
  • Soft Close: This is one of the aspects that we “show off” to anyone who comes over. This is a cool feature that I would recommend everyone getting! For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m referring to – they have an attachment you can add to each door/drawer/cupboard that softens it when you close it. It slows it down and quiets the close. Basically think of it like you can’t ‘slam’ the door close, instead it softly closes.
  • Rotating Corner: This is where I keep my cans. Just like a normal rotating corner cabinet, Ikea took it one step further and made them glass. Which works perfectly so I can see all the types of cans I have from looking from beneath.
    Pros and Cons of Installing an Ikea Kitchen_ Rotating Corner Grey Cabinets
  • Super Easy to Clean: The outside of the Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are super easy to clean. With lots of little kiddos running around, this is a fantastic quality I take advantage of!  
  • The color: The cool thing, at any “normal” cabinet place they charge you an arm and a leg for any color other than boring oak. ew. and lame. I wanted a white or grey kitchen and Ikea allows for that. Totally awesome.
  • Lazy Susan: This one is super sweet. It functions especially wonderfully for my small kitchen. In the corner I have a typical lazy susan but the shelves completely come out.
    Benefits of an Ikea Kitchen Cabinet - Corner Glass Lazy Susan with soft close door
  • The Functionality for Small Kitchen: “Small” is relative. My kitchen is small compared to my last house but I know it’s much bigger than other spaces. Nevertheless, Ikea Kitchen cabinets come to the rescue for anyone. Each feature allows you to maximize the space you do have. For me, this was a big deal because it allows my kitchen to function on a day to day level.


Cons of an Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Here for the negatives…

  • Put it Together Yourself: Yes, I know I have this on both the con and pro list. While it is fun and easy, it also takes time and energy. If you’re the type of person that would just rather have someone else do it then appreciate their work, I’d suggest paying to have them put it together for you. If you don’t mind turning on some tunes or a good Netflix show, then this part isn’t too bad.
  • Have to have access to a truck AND trailer to bring it home: Yep, if you don’t want to pay to have them deliver it to your house, you have to figure out a way to get all the cabinets home. And it won’t just fit into the back of a truck bed, you will need a trailer.  
  • Extra Parts: Ikea doesn’t provide absolutely everything you need to put the kitchen together. You will need this saw (make sure to get a medal blade), some wood to stabilize the back of the cupboards, luckily we borrowed this tool, caulk, caulk gun, screwdriver, good long screws, and definitely a few 90 degree brackets.
  • Island:  This was by far the worst part!!! The island isn’t like a box you put together, you have to actually make the box. They give you a few long pieces that you’ll have to cut and bolt together to put around whatever you have in your island. For us, we have a dishwasher and sink, so only the sink had a cupboard box. The island piece has to be built around it.
  • ToeKick:  I feel like the toe kicks are the cheapest part of the whole kitchen. First, they only come in one size (4 1/2″) and it just ‘clips’ on. Second, they are like plastic. I don’t like the feel or the look.
    The disadvantages of an Ikea Kitchen Remodel using Grey Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are the toe kicks. They are plastic and only one size.
  • Caulking Seams: this was a bummer. When you are building your island you have to cut the pieces then caulk the seams. The caulk peals off one side of the board but I can not get it to peel off the other side. big bummer.
    Con of remodeling with Ikea Kitchen Cabinets are caulking the seams when you build the island. The caulk only comes off one side (because of the finish they put on the edges)


Other parts of an Ikea Kitchen

I decided to go with another company for the countertops and sink. The main reason – price. I found a local company that had fantastic quality (not great customer service) but was a third of the price. Can’t beat that when you’re doing a kitchen remodel!

Overall Review of Ikea Kitchen Cabinets

Overall, I would recommend them and would purchase them again. I am very satisfied with what we decided, the work we put into them and how the ikea kitchen cabinets turned out. Be warned about the island but other than that, you’ll be all good!

That about sums up my review of Ikea kitchen cabinets! Don’t forget to check out the before/after photos & advice for putting your own Ikea Kitchen together!

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