What does your metabolism have to do with your weight? What does your metabolism even do? How do you repair your metabolism? Are you stuck with a bad metabolism for the rest of your life?

These are all questions I’ve heard many times; and quite frankly I’ve asked these myself too.

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The good news is no, you aren’t stuck with a bad metabolism your whole life.

Your metabolism is a process.

It can be manipulated. For the good & the bad.

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Why does it even matter?

A healthy metabolism helps you build a healthy body, which gives you energy, confidence and happiness! Download your FREE Metabolism Ebook to learn all about it!!


Your metabolism effects more than your muffin top & saddle bags {if that isn’t enough}.

It effects your energy level. It effects your muscles, how strong you are or aren’t. It interacts with your mind – how you view food, the hormones released in your body, etc.

Why is your Metabolism Broken?

Your metabolism is like a cycle. It is a process that decides what to do with what you eat and drink.

There are a few factors: what you put in your body, what you do with your body, the hormones that are released in your body, and how long you’ve been eating/drinking those things.

Any part in the cycle could be broken. Which affects the rest of the cycle.

  • Diets.
  • Stress.
  • Your Environment.
  • Your eating choices.
  • Your activity level.

Are just a few reasons why your metabolism is broken.

Why should you even care?

Consider a few of these reasons why you might want to care about your metabolism:

  • You could be eating salads for every meal and still storing the carbs in the lettuce as fat. If your metabolism is broken.
  • Your body breaks down your muscles to get energy instead of using the energy in the fat storage cells. If your metabolism is broken.
  • Your environment (not what you eat, but what you are around) could be making you fat. If your metabolism is broken.
  • Your lifestyle could be making you store EVERYTHING you eat immediately as fat, not just the “bad foods”. If your metabolism is broken.

Metabolism Myths

  • Don’t eat before you work out, it will help you burn more fat.
  • Stop eating after 7.
  • Count Calories.
  • Run on the treadmill 20 minutes longer to burn off that piece of cake.
  • All fruits and veggies are equally good for me.
  • Diets are good for me, they help control my eating habits and teach me how to eat healthy.

All of these are MAJOR lies! They will break your metabolism quicker than anything else.

What is the answer then?

So if all these things are breaking your metabolic process, then you are probably asking “how do I fix my metabolism?”

Great question. I’m glad you asked.

First, download this ebook Add to Cart. Understand on a deeper level what is going on with your metabolism.

Second, start implementing the habits of health outlined in the ebook.

Third, take the first step on the journey to repairing your metabolism.

Why repair your metabolism?

So you have more energy, more confidence , feel comfortable in your body, and can take advantage of life to a deeper level.

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Just because you have a bad metabolism doesn’t mean you aren’t happy, but if you repair it and have a healthy metabolism you will be even happier!

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