Summer is coming!! We just had pool day here at my house and I am loving this warm weather! We have a pool and a tramp but sometimes I can’t figure out what else to do with the little ones outside. That’s where my fellow blogging friend comes in. Cassie Brewer has come today with 5 unique outdoor family activities! Make sure to check out her bio below!

5 unique outdoor activities for your family

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Family time is important in this digital age where technology designed to connect people actually builds up walls. After all, many people are so engrossed with their smartphones, social media accounts, and music streaming services that they have lost the fine art of face-to-face interaction.


Family time creates lasting bonds, protects emotional health, provides a sense of belonging, encourages better performance in school, and even lowers stress! Simply being with family has many benefits that will make an impact in your kiddos lives for the long haul.

With the spring and summer season now upon us, now is a great time to get out and spend some quality family time in the great outdoors!

5 unique outdoor family activities 

Star Gazing

First off, fun outdoor activities for families doesn’t only apply to daylight hours. When the sun sets, you can your family can do a bit of stargazing out in the backyard or in a park. Purchase a star chart and one or more telescopes in order to explore the heavens at night. With the chart, you’ll be able to look for specific star systems and to challenge your kids — and yourself — to identify them in the night sky.

Spend quality family time with these 5 unique outdoor family activities


Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned barbecue? Nothing beats together time with the family than sharing a great meal out on the patio. Buy a variety of food that you can cook on the grill — such as steaks, burgers, and hot dogs — and cook up a storm as a family. This would definitely be a good time to get the entire family involved so that everyone can contribute to the success of the event. Talking, laughing, and sharing always seem to be more enjoyable while breaking bread.

Flower Garden

A fun outdoor activity for families this spring is planting a flower garden. As a family, take an afternoon to prepare the area where the garden will be located, and then either transplant flower plants acquired from a retailer or sow the seeds into the earth. Take the time to research different types of flowers, whether they be daisies, periwinkles, carnations, violas, or other varieties — and have everyone in your family select the type of flower he or she wants to add to the flower garden.

Family is the most important thing on earth! Take the time to treasure and nurture it NOW! Here are 5 awesome outdoor activities you can do with your family to spend quality time and improve your relationships!!!

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is sure to excite your little ones. You’ll need to create maps of your property for your children to use to locate things that you hide in rooms, in the backyard, on the front porch, in the garage, and other places. Your children will get a kick out looking for the treasures to see who gets the most. May the best man, women, boy, or girl win!

Go to the beach

Going swimming as a family will be fun for everyone — and it’ll be all the more fun if you head over to the beach. From swimming in the water, to collecting seashells, to building sand castles, to running barefoot in the sand, there are lots of fun things for the family to enjoy at the beach. Bring the sunscreen lotion, some beach towels, and even a picnic basket and make a day of it.

Family is the most important thing on earth! Take the time to treasure and nurture it NOW! Here are 5 awesome outdoor activities you can do with your family to spend quality time and improve your relationships!!!

Make sure to pin these awesome outdoor ideas so you can come back for an amazing summer with your family!  Now, what you are waiting for? Get out and enjoy some outdoor fun with your family!!

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