It’s Time.

Time to finally learn how to stop unhealthy cravings. Unhealthy cravings of all kinds – the most common is unhealthy food cravings. But you can apply this technique to any type of bad habit/craving.

And I’ll be honest, it’s quite simple.

Stop Unhealthy Cravings !! The easiest and BEST way to break the cycle of unhealthy food cravings!! LOVED this article, it totally changed my thinking of eating sugar

The most common unhealthy behaviors include unhealthy eating habits.

Why do I say that?

Because THE #1 preventable death in the United States is what?…. Yes, it’s obesity.

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We all can agree that we don’t like feeling unhealthy. That “yucky” feeling you get when you eat something that isn’t good for you is not something people typically crave… {haha no pun intended ;)}. For me, that feeling comes light a swift kick in the butt when I eat foods like KFC, Arby’s, hotdogs, or pizza.

Your list will look different than mine because our digestive systems are different. Some are more sensitive while some are more tolerant to those greasy, salty, sugary foods.

So. How do you break the cycle of craving unhealthy foods?

Well, it’s quite simple. Let’s break it down.

Understanding why we crave these unhealthy foods is a great place to start. The reason is a little different for everyone, but generally speaking the most common reasons we crave these yucky foods are:

  1. The taste of sugar releases endorphins that calm and relax us, and they offer a natural “high”.
  2. Food scientists have chemically figured out how to make sure these foods are addictive {high fructose corn syrup}. Like that study about how Oreos may be as addictive as Cocaine. Well it’s because it triggers the same part of our brain.
  3. The part of the brain that controls impulse is affected {negatively} after you eat something that reduces your blood sugar. In other words, after you eat “bad” carbs {like treats, rolls, muffins, etc.}  your blood sugar lowers. That affects the part of the brain that controls impulse. This means that you have a loss of self-control. Which means you crave more unhealthy, high-calorie foods. {That was a study done at Yale University}
  4. habit.

Understanding how to stop unhealthy food cravings is simple with this visual.

Stop unhealthy food cravings by changing your habit

  1. Triggers – You have to identify what your triggers are.
    1. Examples include: Stress, boredom, anxiety, sadness, social eating, lack of education – that you didn’t know it was a bad food…
  2. Habit – we’ll get into this in just a second {this is the action of eating the bad foods.}
  3. Reward – Identify what you are getting from eating unhealthy foods.
    1. Sometimes we don’t even know what we are “getting” or “gaining” from eating sugary foods. But examples include: that joy, satisfaction, something to do, acceptance, convenience – like the ease of cooking/ordering an unhealthy meal vs taking the time to make a healthy meal, etc.

The power comes from when you change the HABIT.

If you can identify what triggers you, and what you are getting out of it, then you have more power to change your habit. That means you can break the cycle of unhealthy cravings!!

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break the cycle of unhealthy eating habits #make it happen


  1. Identify your trigger, reward, and HOW you are going to change your habits.
  2. Share this post to identify to yourself that you are serious about changing your unhealthy food cravings!

break the cycle of unhealthy eating habits


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