Work with me! Happy Mama Tales offers Health Coaching, Custom Grocery List, and Personalized Financial Budget Services! Come check them out!!

I am so glad you are here, on my blog. And it makes me even happier that you’ve landed on this page. It means you have goals, hopes and you are deciding on making the decision to be happier. That could mean financially or physically. Either way, together we will set you up for success.

Health Coaching

With over 6 years in the health and human behavior field, I can guide you towards better habits, healthier habits. There is so much more to living healthy than just eating salads. Health coaching is all about making friends and guiding them towards their goals. I never push my desires or opinions, I simply provide you accurate education & plenty of motivation to help you reach what you’ve always wanted.

Let me work with you. Let me help you find your health and happiness goals. Together we will be a powerhouse {and so will your metabolism}!

Still need convincing? Check out these transformations. These are just a small handful of the people that my team has helped.


Custom HealtHappy Mama Tales will provide one weeks of healthy menu and a grocery list to go along with that. Learn what to buy & what to avoid at the grocery store all while saving moneyhy Grocery List

The best lesson about making healthy eating choices was when one of my professors went to the grocery store and actually showed me what choices were healthy and which were not. We went through each isle and she pointed out different tips/tricks and facts about each food item.

I essentially want to provide that same service to you. I won’t be able to walk down each isle with you, but I can help by providing a weeks work of healthy food. I will outline what to buy, what not to buy and save you money at the same time.

I will talk with you for specifics on your family needs, family dynamics, family goals, and then provide a weeks work of healthy meals!

At our house, that’s when we’d say “boo yeah!”

Financial Clarity


My favorite part of helping people reach their financial goals is going through their budget with them. I love to provide a new budget, and help my clients figure out how they can make more money and where they can save. People LOVE saving money {I sure do too!!}

Financial clarity comes when you are living within your means, you have a safety net for when emergencies come up & you are setting yourself up for success for the future.

I will walk along side you {and your spouse} to help you get to that point.


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