Work with me! Happy Mama Tales offers Health Coaching, Custom Grocery List, and Personalized Financial Budget Services! Come check them out!!

Well hello there friend! It makes me so happy that you landed on this page. It means you like my content and are interested in working with me. 

I am flattered, thank you.


I would love to chat about how we can work together! I have found so much love and passion when I get to connect with other bloggers and businesses. Truly amazing things happen when two people get together who are passionate about creating great content! I am always looking for new opportunities where my work and my passion can combine and create something truly amazing!

An overview for all services:

  • All services must be paid for within 5 days of completion of the service.
  • Payment goes through Paypal
  • All Sponsored/Advertising follows the FTC guidelines {I like playing by the rules}

Let me break down what services I offer for other Bloggers:

Sidebar Button Swap

A great way to get more traffic is to simply do a sidebar button swap. That just means we exchange sidebar images that link back to our blog. This is a free exchange because both of us would gain more traffic and exposure (and a new blogging friend 🙂

Post or Newsletter shoutout

I have a very engaged reader base. If you are interested, I can mention or highlight your blog to my readers in a post or a newsletter.

Social Media Promotion

One of the best ways to gain exposure is to “play”! It is fun to jump into the social platforms where you get to interact with your followers. We can arrange social media promotion details if you are interested in this option.

Pinterest is by far my highest leading traffic, I also work with Twitter and Facebook.

Businesses, here is a summary of what I can do for you:

Product Review

I love to review products, it helps spread the word about awesome products out there! I only like to give positive reviews though, because I don’t like to be a Negative Nancy. But with that said, I make it a point to be very honest with my readers. I am not super great at “fake it til you make it” and so I don’t want my readers to get the sense I’m faking my review.

Therefore, I prefer to review the product before making the commitment to write a review post. If I truly feel supportive and positive about the product, then I will write the post.

Reviews include:
– A post on my blog
– Social Media promotion for a month on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
– A newsletter mention

If you are interested in having me do a product review, I’d love for you to email me for us to work out the details. (Product reviews typically range from $35 – $50).

Host a Giveaway

People love free stuff (don’t you?)!! I am always open to hosting a giveaway of your product. Please keep it limited to the topics: health, fitness, finances and happiness.

I only do giveaways for 6 days. I typically do the following:
– Write a review of the product
– Do a welcome mat specific to that page prompting readers to enter the giveaway {powered by SumoMe}
– Create a Heyo sweepstakes for FB promotion {that has an incredibly high roi}
– Social Promotions on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook
– And a Newsletter shout out

If your product fits into those categories let me know and we can work out the details of price. (In the past I have charged between $25 – $50 plus the product to review).

See here for *examples: Snuggin Giveaway, GetRuly Giveaway, Mighty Mug Giveaway

*These giveaway products were agreed to before I narrowed down my niche to only Finance and Fitness.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored Posts are simply when a business pays for me to write an article. This might be when you don’t have a product to review or a product to giveaway.

Write for you

I am super passionate about my blog and what I write about. But somtimes it’s not always a perfect fit for me to write about your product on my site. If you are looking for additional writers for your site (do an interview, highlight, or just get a different perspective) I would be happy to write a post for you.

See examples: BonBon Break, Happiness and Wellness MagazineYour Modern Family, FamilyShare

Share on Social Media

Similar to the blogging service of sharing on social media, if you’d like something more wallet friendly this is a great option. We can negotiate however many social media shout outs you would like.

Pinterest by far is my highest source of traffic. Facebook next, then Twitter with a very close third. We can arrange multiple shares on multiple platforms, or just one platform, or whatever makes you excited!

See here for examples: Facebook, Twitter


Feel Free to email me for my Media Kit or any additional questions you might have.

happymamatales {at} gmail {dot} com