Sleeping can be difficult, and lack of sleep could be the symptom of a lot of various causes. But everyone agrees that sleeping is crucial to your health. Today we are lucky enough to have my blogging friend Alex Moore from Side Sleeper Guide. He is going to get serious here and talk all about the real reasons why side sleeping is beneficial for pregnant women

4 powerful reasons side sleeping is beneficial for pregnant women

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4 Powerful Reasons Side Sleeping is Beneficial for Pregnant Women

For pregnant women, something as simple as the way they sleep can make a big difference in their daily lives. It’s no longer just a simple matter of what positions are most comfortable or what you might prefer, but instead hinges on tangible benefits and downsides that could be as drastic as altering the development of your newborn.

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, since changing over to side sleeping can be both beneficial and easy with just a bit of encouragement and dedication.

But Why Bother? 

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As it turns out, there’s a litany of reasons to think about the way you sleep. Here are four important reasons to consider how you unwind for the evening and ways to get more rest during a restless stretch in your life!

1.Side Sleeping Helps Prevent Aches and Pains

It’s no secret that getting a pain-free night’s sleep while pregnant can be an ordeal. From back pain to hemorrhoids, you may experience a new plethora of uncomfortable ailments you never dealt with before and that’s a real shame. Getting a good night’s rest is hard enough as it is, never mind making it through the next day with chronic pain to deal with!

Thankfully, side sleep can help sidestep these common issues without much in the way of special fuss or muss. You might roll around while you sleep or find it initially uncomfortable to spend long periods of time on your side, but that’s fine.

You may just need to find a pillow meant for side sleeping and add an extra pillow to support your baby bump. Simple as that! Make sure you check reputable reviews for side sleepers pillows first, in order to ensure you find one shaped properly for your needs and you’ll be well on your way!

THIS is the best pregnancy sleep pillow (not like those big bulky ones). It encourages you to sleep on your side for optimum comfort and health!

2.It’ll Help You Avoid Blood Pressure Spikes

It seems like just about everything you do during a pregnancy can change how the later stages progress. Unsurprisingly, sleeping improperly can be just another one of those things you have to keep track of. It’s not uncommon to be told too little sleep can be dangerous, but it turns out that sleeping too much can actually be just as harmful in some ways. If you’re looking to strike the perfect balance you might consider adjusting your health habits before your daily routine is turned upside down.

Sleeping too little or too long in the earlier trimesters can lead to blood pressure problems in your third trimester. Considering the stress your body might be going through, keeping your blood pressure at a normal level is paramount and just might help you keep your wits about you a little longer. No promises once you’re waking up every few hours to feed the baby, though!

3.You’ll Dodge Common Health Issues and Breathing Problems

Let’s face the facts: Weight gain is just part and parcel of pregnancy, plain and simple. One of the many unfortunate byproducts can include sleep-disordered breathing, a condition in which a lack of oxygen leads to disturbed sleep and a lack of oxygen to both you and your growing baby. 

Unfortunately, the simple act of your body producing additional hormones may lead to slight swelling of the throat and other issues beyond your control that might lower your ability to properly oxygenate your blood and circulate it through your body. Sleeping on your left side specifically can help reduce pressure on vital vessels and keep your body pumping blood at its optimal rate during a time in which your heart is under additional stress.

Surprising benefits for pregnant women to sleep on their side

4.Back Sleeping Can Contribute to Birth Complications

This one might begin a hair more frightening than the rest of the list. Don’t let that dissuade you, though, as it picks up near the end. Take a deep breath! Part of knowing about the benefits of proper sleep means dispelling common myths, too.

According to certain studies, there is a chance that sleeping on your back can be linked to a number of complications during childbirth or even something as drastic as a stillborn. Thankfully, these results may have more to do with exacerbating existing medical conditions than anything else.

Still, you may have heard this one before, but it’s nothing to fixate on. It’s entirely natural to roll onto your back during the night and it’s extremely likely you’ll wake up naturally from discomfort, giving you an opportunity to roll onto your side and waylay any possible issues.

To further reduce issues that can be magnified by sleeping on your back, try to avoid the common pitfalls of pregnancy like smoking or maintaining an unhealthy body weight, especially leaning towards obesity. 

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So, why should pregnant woman sleep on their side?

No matter how you go about it, side sleeping is a great way to keep yourself asleep longer and feeling a little better during one of the more stressful yet beautiful time in your life.

Anything to get you sleeping properly is a good thing, so take a look at revising your sleeping habits and see if it’s just what you need to rest up for the next eighteen years or so!

Alex Moore explains the benefits of side sleeping for pregnant women! You'll be surprised as to what they are!

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Thank you so much Alex for sharing those pregnancy side sleeping tips! I just barely had my third baby and can attest that side sleeping is beneficial for pregnant woman (and just about the only comfortable way I was able to stay asleep)!

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