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The tutorial on How to Clean Your Glass Stovetop has been extremely loved by so many I decided to put together a cleaning kit! This Stovetop Cleaning Kit will allow you to easily and successfully clean your glass stovetop! Make sure to upgrade to the Value Pack for the most savings.

And FREE SHIPPING on both sizes!

See description tab below for more details including price comparison to Amazon Prime.

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I have received an unexpected LOVE for the tutorial¬†How to Clean Your Glass Stovetop. I had no idea so many other families would be searching for great kitchen cleaning tutorials such as this one. I’ve received many readers asking to have a list of the supplies sent straight to them. After the first year of explaining that wasn’t something I did, I decided to give it a try!

This Stovetop Supply Kit will allow you to easily and successfully clean your glass stovetop! In all of the feedback the biggest concerns were making sure that whatever scrubber people used did not harm/scratch the glass on the stovetop. With that in mind, I have created two different Stovetop Cleaning Kits. Remember, FREE SHIPPING on both sizes!

The supplies of the Small Glass Stovetop Supply Kit include:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Dawn Dishsoap
  • Baking Soda

The small kit will be perfect for those who are either just looking to try out the process to see if it works for them, or for those who already feel comfortable with a specific sponge/scrubber.

The supplies of the Value Glass Stovetop Supply Kit include:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Dawn Dishsoap
  • Baking Soda
  • Microfiber Cloth to reduce all streaks
  • Sponge with dual cleaning sides

The value kit is perfect for those looking for the assured cleaning process that has been proven by hundreds of followers. You will have all the supplies you need for a clean kitchen (you can use these products on your stove, stink, fridge, microwave and oven!)

Special Features of Stovetop Supply Kit:

  • The microfiber cloth is extra large to ensure the most surface area of cleaning! This cloth will become your new best cleaning friend! I use mine on every stainless steel surface I have in my house. It dryes leaving NO STREAKS! (That’s when I say #sweet!)
  • Not only will you love your microfiber cleaning cloth, but you get to choose the color!! Your choice between blue, green and yellow.
  • The sponge is double sided, this will allow you to scrub your glass stovetop with both sides to ensure stain and gunk removal. The bristles on the green side are strong enough to remove caked on dirt and food, but not so rough that it will scratch your glass stovetop. I’ve used these sponges on my stovetop for at least 2 years now.
  • The best part is that all of the supplies you’ll need for a sparkly glass stovetop will be sent straight to your door! I’ve done the work for you so you won’t have to worry about running to multiple stores to grab all of your supplies.

Price Comparison to Amazon Prime

Just to put in perspective, here is a price comparison for Amazon Prime. I want you to know I am not in anyway putting Amazon down, I LOVE Amazon. In fact, I am an Amazon Prime member. But just as all places, there are certain items that are amazing deals on Amazon, and certain items that you can find cheaper somewhere else. This happens to be one of those bundles.

For the same items on Amazon Prime you will pay $44.75.

Stovetop Cleaning Kit Price Comparison to Amazon Prime



Get your glass stovetop clean with all the right supplies for the best price possible!!

Bonus: This Stovetop Supply Kit also includes all of the needed supplies to clean your white kitchen sink.

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