Did you know that Happy Mama Tales has an online school? It dives more into detail on how to live a happy life by making healthy choices!

You can find the online school HERE or by typing in: happymamatales.teachable.com

Happy Mama Tales has an online school to teach you all about how to be happier by making healthier choices!! This is SUCH a cool thing!!

This online school is powered on a site called Teachable. It’s very user friendly and makes for your experience totally awesome!

It’s a new school, so classes are constantly rolling out. Make sure you subscribe to be the first to know when a new class opens up!

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The greatest part about being on the ground floor of a new online school is I need YOU to help me know exactly what classes you are looking for! I can guess all I want, but I am looking for YOUR opinion on what topics specifically you want to learn more about!

To give you some ideas, the areas of courses are:

Happy Home

Ideas in this area could by anything to do with family, motherhood, finances, spirituality and more. Tell me what you need help with to create a happier home.

Learn how to create a happier home at the online school for Happy Mama Tales

Happy Marriage

This area is going to be led by my husband who is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. He is thinking of having a monthly subscription where you continually learn how to have a better marriage. With live workshops, webinars, a private Facebook page and more!

If you have any specific problems in your marriage you are looking for more help with, let us know!

Learn how to create a happier marriage at the online school for Happy Mama Tales

Happy Health

This category is such a fun one! I really believe that a person feels good when they feel healthy! We will workshop eating better, how to overcome food addictions, exercise challenges, water intake Twitter challenges, sleep goals and more!

What part of health do you struggle with the most?

Learn how to be happier by being healthy at the online school for Happy Mama Tales

Happy Serging

This one is for all my Learn to Serge pals out there 🙂 I want to know, on top of what you’ve already learned in our Learn to Serge Series, what else are you wanting to learn? Just DIY projects with a serger? More details of how to use a serger?

Learn how to create better DIY projects at the online school for Happy Mama Tales


Our first class that has launched has been designed to build a HAPPIER HOME. It’s called 7 by 11. 7 concepts to teach your kids about sexuality before age 11.

The best online class for parents. Finally learn how to talk to your kids about sex. The right way the right time! #7by11

Have you ever dreaded that moment when you had to talk to your kid about “the birds and the bees”? Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I have broken down into details how to effectively teach and talk about this difficult subject. You can take the first chapter for free to get a taste of what the course is all about.


Alright, I’m so excited to begin! Fill out the form below to submit your idea! It only takes a few seconds.

Oh 🙂 and as always, don’t forget to share with your friends! The more feedback I get, the better I become!