Sometimes I get in a funk where I don’t know my purpose in life. I go from day to day stuck in the monotony of changing diapers, paying bills, and feeling frumpy. My husband is very good at reminding me to find purpose in each day. He helps me understand that “if I live like no one else today, I can live like no one else tomorrow”. That’s a Dave Ramsey saying.

I LOVE this article! This blogger is awesome, she give so many awesome ideas on how to find purpose in life!!! <3

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To help me understand my purpose I find myself asking, “What am I doing for myself today that will bring some type of reward or gain in my future?” That doesn’t always mean monetary, and everyone’s purpose is different. I would even dare say that throughout the phases of life my purpose will change, and so will yours.

The funny thing about time is that when we look into the future we see a long stretched out road ahead of us. But when we look into the past, it is so close we have a hard time realizing how fast it has gone.

Here are 8 things I’ve come up with to help you identify your purpose in life so that you don’t waste the days ahead.

Finding My Purpose for today so I can benefit tomorrow: 

Growing your relationship with God

I believe the stronger relationship you have with God, the more confident you will be. When you have confidence in God and are stable in your relationship with Him, you naturally become more happy and peaceful.

When you develop and nurture your relationship with God, you will find purpose in life. Everyone has a purpose and everyone’s purpose is different. But God knows your purpose, He knows you. If you develop a relationship with Him, He will show you the way to live your life to not only “get gain” here, but also in the next life. “Gain” is not always monetary, there is much much more than money that can bring happiness, contentment, peace and pure joy.

The #1 “gain” or “reward” I’ve personally seen from strengthening my relationship with God is increased compassion. The closer I am to God, I find myself having more compassion towards other people. That is a beautiful reward. That is helpful in all situations of life – marriage, motherhood, work life, driving, service, etc.

My favorite way to strengthen my relationship is to pray while I’m driving. I talk out loud; having a conversation with Him. It helps me “be real” instead of saying a routine prayer. Sometimes I’m driving for a long time so it makes me think of a lot to say. But it also gives me a lot of time to ponder and to listen for His response.

Nurturing your marriage

You know how you have to water a garden every single day? You also have to nurture and water your marriage every single day. But why would being nice to hubby have any benefit for you? {that’s a silly question, I know, but just play along with me}

Have you thought about the day when your kids leave and it will just be you and your hubby again? Just the two of you? {I very excitedly think about that all of the time!!} But I’ve seen it time and time again where the marriage then has nothing to strive for, nothing to talk about, nothing to hold on to because the kids are gone. That’s not what you should be working towards.

Maybe that’s too far in the future to look towards. Have you ever thought about the golden rule and how it applies to your hubby? Do unto others as they would have unto you…. Serve your hubby as you would want him to serve you.

If you put the energy and time in today to strengthen your relationship, you can guarantee a strong marriage in the future.

The number #1 “reward” I’ve seen from making my hubby feel special is the reciprocation that he wants to make me feel special too.

make your hubby happy

My favorite ways to nurture my relationship is to kiss my hubby at the door when he comes or leaves and look him in the eye to greet him/say goodbye, to have analytical conversations with him and to speak my man’s love language!

What are YOU doing to nurture your marriage today?

Raising Children

Logically this would be the first thing that comes to mind when I think about “my purpose in life”, but sometimes I have a hard time remembering this one day to day. Raising children is a sacred and divine responsibility that rests on the shoulders of parents. It is our job to insure they learn the ways of life, of society and ultimately to learn the ways of Christ.

What does that mean for me everyday? That means repeatedly singing “ABC’s”, wiping bums, and setting boundaries.

Finding purpose in raising kids can be hard. But we can all agree that the “reward” is far reaching and incredibly difficult to explain the depths of joy that come with children.

One of my favorite ways to remember my purpose here is to look at old photos on my phone because it reminds me how far we’ve come, how much we’ve learned together, how much unconditional love I have for these little ones.

Developing You

What are you doing for yourself today to find purpose and to develop YOU?

Me? You ask… I happen to blog. I have found so much passion and love for the world of blogging. I get to learn so many things I had no idea about, I get to meet new people and make those connections that unite us together. I get to show accomplishment for the hard work I am doing.

For others, this could mean going to school, taking up a hobby, reading a book. This means that you remember to take care of yourself too, along with those beautiful babies of yours. One day those funny, wonderful babies of yours will be all grown up and if you miss this step, you won’t know who you are anymore.

Find purpose today by developing you! Your future self will thank you!

Self Care

Sometimes finding your purpose in life can’t begin until you start by taking care of yourself. In our home we call that “self-care”. A great example is my husband sometimes will come home and need to play an xbox game to help clear his mind. That is his form of self-care. For some it’s fishing, cleaning, cooking, running or even reading a book. Whatever your self care is, make sure you prioritize that so you don’t get burnt out.

If you don’t know what your self-care is, then that is your purpose today. Find out what is your “self-care”. Then make time to do it when you need that relief.

If you take care of yourself today, you will find amazing benefits in the future {eh hum, like decreased stress, happiness, the energy to give more … important stuff like that}

Taking Care of your future

Find your purpose today by looking towards the future. What does that mean for you? What goals are you working towards? Are they financial? A lot of mine are.

I love to live by Dave Ramsey’s rule, “live today like no one else so you can live tomorrow like no one else“. That gives me a lot of motivation when I’m managing household expenses.

If my purpose is to ensure paying off debt then you better believe I will be searching out coupons before I go grocery shopping, or if it means cooking a meal from what I have in the house instead of take out.

Taking a Wellness approach

Being a well-rounded person also includes what you eat and how you feel about yourself. If you don’t know what your purpose in life is, or you are looking for amazing benefits for your future… start here.

Do not go on a diet, but alter your lifestyle to INCLUDE healthy habits. {Do you see how I worded that? The brain responds better to adding something positive rather than taking something away. ie make a challenge to add as many veggies to each meal instead of thinking that you can’t have cookies.}

Find purpose in ensuring a healthy future for yourself and your family. Find purpose in teaching your children to live a well balanced life, that moderation is better than restriction {well in most cases}.

The thought “live today like no one else, so you can live tomorrow like no one else” really fits well in this category. Especially if you’re thinking of exercise…. think about what you could do the next 4 days, or 10 days, or 30 days that you normally wouldn’t do that would provide AMAZING results?!! EXERCISE!!

I can George Foreman guarantee {that’s the highest of all guarantees ;)} that you will feel better about yourself in 1 month if you start eating better and exercising today!! I can George Foreman guarantee that if you start today you will see amazing results. How about this… you try it, and come back and tell me if it worked or not! {see how passionate you just made me!? 😉 }

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Choosing Happiness

What is your purpose in life? I’m not sure to be honest.

Some days I am not even sure what my purpose in life is, but I know that I can choose to be happy. If nothing else, find purpose today by deciding you are going to be happy.

Dave Ramsey saying, "Live today like no one else so you can live tomorrow like no one else!" Find purpose in today so you get rewards tomorrow!

Finding purpose in life today, and everyday, will provide you with the opportunities to see amazing blessings in the days ahead.
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I love these 8 tips! They helped me find my purpose in life!! Especially love #6!!! What are YOU doing today for yourself?


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