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How to Clean a Glass Cooktop! Fast and Easy!

Ever wondered how to clean a glass cooktop? Here is a super quick and easy way, with only three ingredients! I use this on my cooktop every day!!    I don’t know about you, but I really like to have a clean kitchen. When my house is a mess the first place I like to clean, is my kitchen! It makes me feel refreshed! I first start by clearing off all the counters and put everything in the sink, then I do the dishes. Then, I clean the counters, which definitely includes the top of my stove!!  I’ll be...

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When Nursing Isn’t an Option – How I lost my milk supply

Are you a nursing mama? Do you secretly resent moms who bottle-feed and think they are taking the easy way out? They never have to worry about “scheduling” a feeding. They don’t have to hide in the back room to nurse if there are people around. They can prepare a bottle at any time, any place. These thoughts were mine up until a few days ago. This article contains affiliate links. For more details read my full disclosure here.  I exclusively breastfed my first child for an entire year, just like the professionals recommend. I chose to nurse because...

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3 Surprising Foods Pregnant Women Should Consume More Often

We’ve all heard the lists of “foods pregnant women should eat” or “foods pregnant women should avoid“, but this is a whole new level! We are lucky enough to have my blogging friend, Mike teach us about 3  –  Surprising  –   foods pregnant women should consume more often!    This article contains affiliate links, by clicking them you support my website. Thank you! For more details you can read my full disclosure here.  {enter guest speaker} As an expectant mother, you may be well aware that the foods you consume are passed along to your baby. Understandably, pregnant...

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4 Powerful Reasons Why Side Sleeping is Beneficial for Pregnant Women

Sleeping can be difficult, and lack of sleep could be the symptom of a lot of various causes. But everyone agrees that sleeping is crucial to your health. Today we are lucky enough to have my blogging friend Alex Moore from Side Sleeper Guide. He is going to get serious here and talk all about the real reasons why side sleeping is beneficial for pregnant women.  This article contains affiliate links. By clicking them you are supporting my website. Thank you! For more details you can read my full disclosure here. {enter guest speaker} 4 Powerful Reasons Side Sleeping is...

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Teach Your Toddler How to Count from 1 – 10 (with these 6 easy steps)

I love school time!! I love everything about the new notebooks and pencils, the smell of new classrooms, new school clothes and backpacks, but mostly – I love the learning! This year we have our oldest son in pre-school! It is so fun to watch him grow and develop already in the first few weeks of learning. Right now he is learning his numbers and letters, and because of that, I thought it would be fun to have Jessica from come and teach us the BEST way to teach your toddler how to count from 1 – 10!!...

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Learn to Serge ebook series

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